Thursday, November 17, 2016

the way the light breaks through

Lewis tells us about our longing for our true home today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

And of course we know that our home isn't a place so much as it is a person. The Person. The original Person, and the One who will be last as well. Our entire alphabet, really, from A to Z. All of the letters, not just the first and last. He makes up everything that is true and good, and we see Him breaking through everywhere if we have the courage to look.

And it DOES take courage, doesn't it? Because just as Lewis hinted... it hurts to look. When we're suffering in this life, as many (all?) of us are, the mention of hope or beauty or love can stir our hearts absurdly. And that stirring can hurt. So we have to steel ourselves to look. We have to brace ourselves to take in the glory moment. If we're not prepared, it can shatter us.

We know, though, that the shattering isn't really a bad thing. The way God puts Humpty Dumpty back together is ALWAYS better than the way he was situated to begin with. But shattering can be embarrassing. We don't want passersby seeing us weep uncontrollably for no reason that we can put into words. We can only mumble an apology and find a quiet place to embrace our sorrow and our glory, found in the same moment.

God.... thank You for embarrassing us with Your powerful wonder, shining down on us through the trees of our sorrow.

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