Tuesday, November 15, 2016

sex in heaven

Lewis talks about sex in heaven today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

If you would like a very thorough treatment of the question, read this very clear, brilliant article on the subject by Peter Kreeft: Click Here  (when you read the article, you'll see right away why I say there WILL be sex in heaven. Kreeft makes this clear.)

And one thing I'd point out is that Lewis meant something COMPLETELY different by the phrase "trans-sexual" than we mean today. It makes you chuckle when you read that last sentence in today's reading.

But all of this DOES bring up some great questions about heaven. Will we have bodies? Will we recognize each other? Will we have physical pleasure?

In talking about sex, Kreeft and Lewis both talk about other pleasures, too. And they say that we WILL have the pleasure of eating and drinking. Jesus, in His resurrected form, ate and drank. Not that we will NEED to. Because need means that something bad will happen if we don't. We won't be able to die. Or starve. So we will only eat for pleasure, or for some other purpose, like a ceremony.

Will we have bodies? Of course. As Christians we believe in bodily resurrection. Not only will we have bodies, we will have THESE bodies, but in their perfect form. So yes, we will be able to recognize each other. Heaven would be pretty incomplete without the joy of the great reunion.

But overshadowing all of these wonders will be seeing God face to face. We can only hint at what that means now. But one day, we will experience a form of beauty that would kill us if we saw it now. It would unmake us.

God, thank You for giving us so much to look forward to.

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