Wednesday, November 23, 2016

desiring God

Lewis tells us about wanting heaven, pie in the sky, and desiring God today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He says that you can't go wrong telling the pure in heart that they will see God, because only the pure in heart WANT to see God. And that's a great insight. If we understand what heaven really is... seeing God face to face... then only those who have the right motives will want heaven at all.

Now, that might bring up a tricky subject. What if you read this and think to yourself "Do I really want to see God face to face?" If you find yourself a little shy of the idea, or if you think that seeing God face to face would not be something you'd look forward to, don't worry. There's a simple solution.

Just ask Him to help you to desire to be with Him. Sometimes we worry that God will not answer our prayers, don't we? But you can take this to the bank: if you ask God to help you want to be with Him, He will answer that prayer with a resounding yes. There is nothing in the world that God wants more than for you to want to be with Him. His is the first and ultimate unrequited love. Doesn't it make you wonder to realize that His greatest commandment is to LOVE Him? He loves us so much that He actually TELLS us to love Him back. It's not just a suggestion... it's the greatest commandment! Our chief purpose in life is to love God back. Not to love Him in the first place... He began loving us long ago. Just to reciprocate His love.

It can blow your mind, thinking about that.

God, thank You for loving us so much, and for giving us the honor of loving you in return. Please help us love You more.

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Merlinda Carisosa said...

Yes, this is what I'm longing for.