Sunday, October 30, 2016

where need and passion meet

Lewis tells us about the original state of man, where his greatest joy was doing God's will, today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

And of course, this is where we want to be today, too. Buechner expresses it well in the quote above. God calls us to find the place where our greatest passions and the world's greatest needs come together. Where we can help people a great deal by doing the thing we love. There are few things in life that bring us greater joy than work which we love doing, that impacts other people in a positive way.

Have you found that place in your life? He gives us our desires and wishes for a reason. He wants us to find the way that we can use the passions He's put in our hearts to benefit our fellow people. If you haven't found it yet... ask Him to help you find it. Believe me, He wants you to find that place.

He created you for it.

God, thank You for giving us passions and helping us to find how they plug in to Your will in helping the world be a better place.

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julie reedy said...

So very true one has to ask