Tuesday, October 18, 2016

this long road

Lewis tells us about the road we tread today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He tells us basically, "don't get comfortable." He says that God withholds safety and comfort from us, but gives us joy and happiness and even ecstasy along the way. Lewis points out that this world is not our final destination, and that we're bound for a better place.

He's right, to a degree. His perspective, though, does leave out some other truths. We ARE called to make this world our home, for now. We are called to create a home for our family. To make the earth a better place for those generations after us who are going to inherit it. Even though the planet is fallen, it is not forsaken. We are called to Eden-ize it once more. To cooperate with God as He redeems His creation.

It's true that this is not our final destination. But it's also true that eternal life begins now. And God is working to bring healing and grace not just to us humans, but to all of His creation. We have the great privilege and responsibility of participating in that healing.

So yes, God calls us to keep walking our road. But He also calls us to pick up trash along the way, plant some flowers, and help make the road a better place for those who follow after us.

God, thanks for giving us such a privilege. Help us find joy in the journey and in the road.


julie reedy said...

Very nice description of life's journey

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