Tuesday, September 20, 2016

a whole new mind

Lewis today tells us about getting stuck in a certain way of thinking in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He tells us through his demonic protagonists that it is "best" to keep their "patient" in a certain way of thinking as long as possible. And that teaches us a great deal.

See, God is usually in the business of pushing us OUT of old ways of thinking. He is interested in the renewing of our minds. Freeing us from the gerbil wheels of our circular thoughts, and allowing us to move out of our old comfort zones into new ways of thinking and acting.

Is that scary? Well, it can be. But if we learn to REALLY trust Him, then the fear begins to be replaced by excitement. We begin to see how He is breaking us free of the traps our brain was falling into. Of the ruts that our feet had found, which didn't allow us to explore and find new horizons.

Ready to trust Him that much? Just ask. Tell Him you want to break free... and learn to replace your fear with excitement. He's good at that.

God, thank You for helping us to have all new minds.

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