Tuesday, August 2, 2016

unplugged from reality

Lewis tells us today about feeling detached from reality in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He says that grief makes him feel like he can't even hear what people are saying around him. And his brain tries to cope with his grief by giving him consolations... but then his grief cuts through like a red hot poker.

In my life, I have found myself detached, too. I recently went to visit my brother in Rome, and I learned alot on that trip. It was a good experience. But I noticed that I never really FELT like I was there. I felt detached... like there was some kind of layer between me and my environment.

Since then, I've tried to cross this barrier when I travel. I'll take my shoes off and walk in the grass. I'll taste things and feel more and try to drink in my surroundings.

I think it's easy to become inured to the beauty and wonder that God has put into our lives. We can become so used to the beautiful sunsets and delicious foods that we take them for granted. Sometimes fasting can help that. Other times, just asking Him to help us appreciate what He's given us makes a difference.

Whatever is causing us to feel out of touch with our realities, let's do our best (and ask His help) to overcome them. THIS is the life that God has given us. We don't want to miss it while it flies by, and then regret that we get to the end of our lives never having really lived.

God, help us to plug into the lives You've given us.

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Donette Glenn said...

Amen! Stay plugged into God's plan..