Thursday, August 11, 2016

our daily love

Lewis talks today about being in love, in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He says that being in love is a wonderful thing... but it's not the ultimate thing. He's both right and wrong. He's right in that, most relationships do not stay in the "honeymoon" stage, where both people are "head over heels" in love with each other. But he's wrong in a sense, too... because the relationship we are called to with God is one of falling in love as well... and we will spend all of eternity being "in love with Him". That, I think, is a great description of what is called the "beatific vision".

But in the nitty gritty, rubber hits the road reality of our daily lives, we will not spend decades feeling "in love" with someone... not even with God. We have to go to work, and pay our bills, and do our taxes, and wipe noses... both our own and other people's. And those things aren't fun and romantic... they're work. 

Lewis tells us something very important in today's reading, and it's just one word. He says that "habits" are lasting. And this is both true and very significant. It's so important that we form good habits. Habits of helping people. Habits of spending good, quality time with Jesus. Habits of expressing ourselves creatively. Habits of exercise. All of these habits make us better people... not just once or twice, but the habit grows and builds and makes us better and better over time.

If we develop the habit of loving our significant other, even when we don't FEEL like it, the relationship builds over time. It gets better and better. And when you DO feel it, you have a great foundation of love, respect, and trust built that your feelings can rest comfortably on.

What new habit can you form today that will make you even more amazing tomorrow?

Thank You, God, for the sustainability of habits.

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