Friday, August 26, 2016

mechanic: the resurrection

I saw Mechanic: The Resurrection tonight. I liked it.

It's not a great movie. The plot is pretty thin. The writing is pretty bad, and the directing could have been better. If it weren't for Statham, Alba, and Tommy Lee Jones, it probably wouldn't have been worth seeing.

But it DID have them. I pretty much like all of Statham's stuff, with some being better than others. Ever since he charmed us in Snatch, he's been one that puts out one fun action film after another.

And I have to confess... I would not have enjoyed this movie half as much if I didn't have a huge crush on Jessica Alba. I've been in love with her ever since Dark Angel. I have alot of respect for her as a person, since she won't do nude scenes and she founded The Honest Company, which is a multi billion dollar company that markets healthy, green products for moms. She has struggled to find films that allow her to show her acting ability, as most directors just want to show how pretty she is. She was even told not to actually cry during a crying scene in Fantastic Four, but just to look pretty and they would CGI the tears. But she gets to do some acting in Mechanic, and she did a good job.

Tommy Lee Jones plays a really strange character. Very out of character for him, but amusing nonetheless. I wish they had given him a bigger role... he would have been much better than the weirdo who played Statham's nemesis.

There are some cools action sequences, with Statham leaping and turning backwards mid-air to shoot back at the bad guys. A scene with him dangling upside down under a high rise swimming pool was actually tense... and I don't get tense while watching movies much anymore.

All in all, it's not a great movie. It's a little predictable in places. But if you like Statham's action, and you like Jessica and Tommy... it's worth watching. It's a spectacle, so I recommend seeing it on the big screen.

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