Wednesday, August 31, 2016

forgive, love, pray for....and trust?

Lewis tells us about forgiving other people today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He says that it's important to forgive others. And it is. Like he said, God makes it pretty clear that we are forgiven as we forgive others. But what does it really MEAN to forgive someone? And if we forgive them, do we forget what they did?

I have a very good friend who I care about a great deal. One day she got really mad at me, and she decided to make me look bad. So she went on Facebook and said a bunch of things that weren't true, attempting to hurt me by telling everyone what a creep I was. Well, fortunately I found it before the damage was done, deleted her post on my timeline, and blocked her.

Over time, I totally forgave her. I love her very much, and I pray for her every day. I want the best for her. I have given her gifts, and I would help her again if she needed it.

But. We are not Facebook friends. She is still blocked. She burned that bridge when she decided to try to hurt me in that way. Do I forgive her? Absolutely. Do I love her? More than I can say. Do I pray for her? Every day. Do I trust her? Not in that way anymore.

You might notice that God tells us to love our enemies. To pray for them. To forgive them.

But He doesn't tell us to trust them.

Sometimes when someone hurts you badly, they burn a bridge. You forgive them, love them, pray for them, even help them. But you don't trust them anymore. Maybe one day you will. But forgiving doesn't mean forgetting. Wisdom means forgiving and loving someone, but remembering that this person is capable of hurting you if you let your guard down.

See... this is loving others the way we love ourselves. Because even though I love myself, forgive myself, and pray for myself ... I know better than to trust myself when it comes to certain things. I know where I can be trusted... and where I better be careful.

God, thank You for teaching us to be innocent as doves, but still wise as serpents.


julie reedy said...

Very well stated

Erin Cooper said...

I just went through something like this. And to add to yoke point if people want to be trusted they should think about their actions before they act. It would cause less devastation in the end. But then again, I think I'm glad I know.

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