Saturday, July 9, 2016

we don't know what we want

Lewis tells us about getting more than we bargain for today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He says that we want God to just do ABC... and we end up with the whole alphabet.

He's right in that God gives us far more than we ask for. But what Lewis doesn't point out is that we DO actually want the full treatment... we just don't realize it.

We're silly humans to begin with. We have such a narrow, limited view of what life should be. And then we're subjected to social influences and advertising all of our lives, which try to convince us that we need more material things and we need to be cooler than we are and be more popular. So we end up with a very skewed idea of what we really, truly need in life.

Then we go to God and we ask for something small and simple, when what He wants to give us is EVERYTHING instead. And we think we don't want that. But we actually do.

Fortunately, God is much wiser than we are. And He teaches us, slowly and patiently, what we really DO want in life. What will bring us true satisfaction, deep joy, and a wonderfully fulfilling life. And THAT is what He gives us.

The full treatment is not something to dread. It's something to ask for, every day, and to eagerly cooperate with God in bringing about in our lives... and in the lives of all those around us. To think differently is not to trust God. And we can absolutely trust Him - He who is love.

God, thanks for the full treatment. Please help me learn that that is what I truly want after all.


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On the other hand, if you want something and you've walked in His will, He will answer your prayers for it. You must then fully accept His answer by committing to it all the way.

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