Friday, July 22, 2016

better every day?

Lewis tells us about growing in our faith today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He says that we should be getting better at things, if we're walking with Jesus. We should be more full of faith... more loving... kinder.... etc. If we're not, then something is wrong.

So what do you do if something is wrong? Try harder? Get more determined? Give a better effort?

Well, you can try those things. But what I recommend first is asking for help. See, God really wants you to be kinder, and more loving, and to have more faith. So when you ask Him to help you grow in those areas, the God of heaven, who created the universe and has all power to do anything... THAT God will help YOU to grow in those areas.

He will. No doubt. Ask Him to help you grow, and He will answer that prayer. The way He answers it might be to bring someone into your life to teach you how to be kind. Or maybe He will allow some kind of suffering in your life to make you more loving and sensitive to those who are suffering. But in some way, the best way, He will respond to your prayer, and He will help you to grow.

I promise.

Thank You, God, for hearing our prayers, and answering them to help us grow to be more like You.


Eve Boomer said...

Thank you for blessing me with this message of joy. Amen I will be more spiritually conscientious about the reasons why I'm surrounded by the people God surrounds me with. Thank you for sharing:)

julie reedy said...


Donette Glenn said...

So true it is only through Him that we can love the unlovable.