Friday, June 24, 2016

what's hard for me... maybe not for you

Lewis tells us about the hardest part in A Year with C.S. Lewis today.

And what he says is very true. But he does kind of make it sound like all of us struggle with the same things. He talks about the one part of mountain climbing or fighting in a battle that is hard... for everyone.

But that's not where I find the hard part to reside when I look around. I don't see everyone dealing with the same difficulty. I see each person with a tailor made problem. And that brings up the importance of patience and kindness.

See, when I am struggling with my weakness, I really want everyone to understand. And whether or not they do (it's a pretty mixed bag), I should in turn be patient and kind to them when they struggle with THEIR area of weakness.

Like a popular meme says, we're all carrying a load that no one sees. We all face down our demons on a daily basis. And we all could use a little more patience, kindness, and prayer when we face those challenges.

God, thanks for giving us the privilege of showing one another kindness... especially when we're facing our own, personal demons.

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julie reedy said...

So very true, and patience and kindness to each other needs to make a strong comeback in our society. And let it begin with me.