Tuesday, June 28, 2016

God taking over

Lewis tells us about Jesus doing stuff to us today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

We like to be in control. It makes us feel safe. There's nothing that makes us feel less safe than when things start to happen that we didn't cause to happen, or agree to. And this is even true with God.

We don't necessarily like it when God starts to mess with our lives. He changes things that we would maybe rather He left alone. He pushes us WAY out of our "comfort zone"... and if we walk with Him long enough, we begin to realize that we don't really have a comfort zone anymore. We are on an adventure... not sitting in our comfy chair. God called us to trust Him in a radical way... and sometimes (usually?) that means getting messy.

Today, during my prayer time, I asked Him to lead me to new and bigger things. I know that is a scary prayer. But I trust the one leading me. How can I not? He is only good.

What is He doing in your life? How is He moving things around? What has He called you to do that makes you uncomfortable? I guarantee that you'll find it soon enough, if you're following Him closely. If not, just ask Him to invade your life. It's scary... but it's amazing.

You'll be glad you did.

God, please help us to follow You radically... and see how our lives become amazing.


julie reedy said...

So very true, like moving to Texas.

Marcia Tapp said...

Well, this couldn't have been more timely! God is taking me on a wild ride! I call it my "faith free fall". It's exilerating and terrifying, but I am trusting that He knows the plans He has for my future, so wherever He leads, I'll go.

Merlinda Carisosa said...

Believe and trust God above all.

Merlinda Carisosa said...
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