Monday, June 20, 2016

connected but separate

Today, Lewis tells us about how we are not all part of some big cake in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

And he's right. We're individuals. God created us unique from one another. We are no two of us exactly the same.

In today's society, we don't suffer so much from the Everythingism that Lewis warns us about as much as we suffer from rabid individualism. Many of us are under the impression that we can do it ourselves. We need no one. We're DIY to the core.

But that's a fundamental misunderstanding in the opposite direction. Not only do we need each other, we desperately need Him. Without Him, we dry up and wither and die. Why is that?

Well, alot of reasons...And some of them are too deep for me to understand with my limited little mind. But one reason is because we have been tied up in Him, interrelated with Him, sharing our life with Him, from the very beginning. Before we were even born, He knew us. We were participating in His being before we ever saw another human. He was loving us, and interacting with us, while we were still forming.

That's why, when we hear certain stories, we feel like we've heard them before. They strike us as true on a level deeper than cognition...deep in that place where He and we communed when we were, as far as we knew, the only two beings in existence, before we entered the world and met everyone else.
We're part of Him...And yet gloriously, amazingly unique at the same time.

God, help us explore our unique gifts...And how were connected so powerfully to You.