Tuesday, May 31, 2016

the deceiver in the shadows

Lewis talks today about the hazy, blurry form that the enemy uses to hurt us, in the book A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He tells us that when someone starts going to church, the enemy messes with their mind to confuse them, making them expect something they don't find. And he's right.

I've noticed other ways the enemy does this. He loves to operate in the shadows and blurs of our lives. He makes you worry about things that could never happen. He causes you to be anxious about something, and if you thought about it rationally, you would realize you have nothing to be anxious about. He preys upon your fears, and your weaknesses, and tries to steal your joy.

Recently I was struggling with some anxiety. I was worried, fretting needlessly about something at work. Suddenly, I felt like God loudly said, "What are you worried about??" And instantly the anxiety fled. When you shine the light of Jesus on your fears, they vanish like smoke.

That's why we need a daily shining of His light in our lives. Without that beam of illumination, the shadows creep... and our enemy creeps in them.

God, fill our hearts and lives with Your light and love.


Donette Glenn said...

The enemies job is too steal, kill and destroy but once we as Christians learn to take authority over the enemy he no longer can use our fears against us. So he will try something new, but continue to lean on the Rock and you will truly start walking in Freedom from the enemies lies.

mossie LaFleur said...

Please Lord, illuminate the far corners of my mind, in order for all to be in Your Light!

julie reedy said...

Shine the light of Jesus on the shadows and the enemy will leave.