Wednesday, May 18, 2016

goodness of the stuff

Lewis tells us about things and stuff today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

In one of his best phrases, he tells us that "God likes matter. He invented it." Which, of course, takes away all of our dualism.

But it also tells us something important about our daily lives. God is full of goodness and love. His plans for us are so amazing we can't even imagine them. But here is the crazy part - His plans are already taking place in our lives. The STUFF around us, this is the stuff He made, that He has gifted us with, to communicate His love to us. The beauty of the world around you, which is impossible NOT to take for granted, right?... that beauty is His daily gift to you. To tell you how much He loves you.

We take our stuff for granted. But when we take a step back, and realize how much God loves us... and realize the things He's given us.... for a second, we come to appreciate these gifts. The beauty of a sunset, which even the poorest of us can watch. The glory of the taste of simple food. The feel of the breeze on our skin. These are all His gifts to us, each day, caressing us with His gentle love.

Thank You, God, for Your daily gifts. Please help us be less inured.


julie reedy said...

The beauty of Gods creation should make us pause everyday and realize His love.

Bob Reedy said...

Step away from all the negativity and savour His love.

Bob Reedy said...

Step away from all the negativity and savour His love.

Donette Glenn said...

Being thankful for the simple things makes you appreciate the big ones a little bit more. When your Heavenly Papa see your genuine heart...He usually bless one more a bit more because of your grateful.