Thursday, May 26, 2016

don't be surprised

Lewis tells us about the works of our real enemy today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He tells us that the Enemy, voiced through Screwtape, is constantly working in our lives to try to get us to hate one another. And we can see that, can't we? He does everything he can to get us to argue and fight with one another.

But that's not the only way he attacks us. He makes us doubt ourselves. He tries to fill us with fear and worry. He steals our joy by making us unhappy even in the midst of God's greatest blessings.

And it's hard to fight this, isn't it? When the fight is happening all around us, even in our own minds... it's hard to fight it. When the fears he sends our way find us in the early hours of the morning when we're trying to get some desperately needed sleep... it's hard to fight that. Our enemy plays dirty. He waits until we're weak and then he jumps on us.

So how to combat this? Well, the One we love and serve is greater than the one in the world. If we focus our hearts and minds on Him, and come back to Him daily, His mercies and love are new every morning. He gives us the grace we need in each moment. And He tells us, time and again: "Fear not."

He is with us. He is amazing. He will work everything for good. You can count on that.

So when the enemy pounces on you at 3am, sometimes even in your dreams, set your mind on the One who will make all things well, and all things well, and all manner of things well.

God, thanks for always being faithful.

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julie reedy said...

He is so constant unlike us humans, the closer we draw near to Him the better our life will remain.