Monday, April 18, 2016

when God surprises you

Lewis tells us a great story today in A Year with C.S. Lewis. He tells about his wife being given an unexpected gift of joy.

The way He gives it to her is interesting. She senses His presence, realizing that He wants her attention. She puts it off, thinking it must be some unconfessed sin or tedious duty. And then He surprises her with undeserved, unexpected joy.

The story makes this sound unusual. But, in fact, this happens to us all the time, doesn't it? How many times have you regretted having to go to church...or delayed your Bible study time...or just "not felt like" praying? But then, when you God really connects with you and gives you joy? Rather than this being the odd exception, it almost seems like the way He normally works in our lives.

He delights in surprising us. He loves giving us gifts. And our sinful nature, combined with the effects of our enemy, make us recoil from Him pretty often.

What gift does He have for you today? (hint: repentance and a tedious duty might stand between you and that's not unheard of)

God, thank You for Your surprises...

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Donette Glenn said...

Yes, Our God totally loves bring us Joy especially when we are so avoiding Him or not looking for Him. That is what is so amazing about this walk with Jesus he continues to pursue us even when we blow Him off. He always shows us grace and mercy when we so don't deserve it.