Wednesday, April 6, 2016

what holiness looks like

Lewis tells us more about unselfishness today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

And what he's referring to is what most people think of when they are talking about holiness. They think of giving, of not being selfish, of "putting others first". They also probably think of quiet walks down shimmering paths, like in the pic above.

Now, there's nothing wrong with quiet walks on shimmering paths. There's nothing wrong with "putting others first", giving, or not being selfish. But most or all of these things are pretty negative. They mean getting away from other people (to walk alone on those paths). They mean not doing what we enjoy, because we're "putting others first" and not being selfish and giving our time and energy for others.

But what you actually find when you read the lives of saints, and what I've experienced in my sojourn so far, is that when you really follow His will and do what He calls you to, you actually enjoy it. You might even love it. He calls us to do the things that He made us to do. The deepest satisfaction and joy we can find in our lives is in doing the thing that He calls us to.

So when we're really delving into holiness, we find ourselves laughing. We look forward to what's coming next. We're excited to see what He's going to do. We love Him for His calling, His blessings. We love other people in a genuine way that we enjoy expressing. And we find ourselves loving our lives in the process.

God, please help us leave behind the false ideas of holiness and dive into the adventure that awaits us in Your will.

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