Thursday, April 14, 2016

God and dog

Lewis makes a great point today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He talks about how we humans have a hard time understanding the difference between "my shoes" and "my dog" and "my home" and "my country" and "my God".

If we take this entirely in the wrong direction, we find ourselves treating God like some people treat their dogs. Abusing, neglecting, looking down on, lording over. But there is an alternative.

We can learn to let the spectrum work in the other direction. We can learn to take care of our country, respect our neighbor, love our dog, and even show responsibility and care for our shoes, as we "do it all unto the LORD".

That's the cool thing about dignity and respect. When you learn to have it for God, it starts to permeate the way you treat everyone - and everything. That's why we find saints like Francis referring to Brother Sun and Sister Moon. We find ourselves embracing all of creation as the great gift that it is from the Creator. We learn to treat every blade of grass, every insect, every dog with care and dignity and respect. We begin to see how God takes great delight in the things that He has made, and we learn to work with Him in caring for all things.

Thank You, God, for helping us learn the dignity of things.


Donette Glenn said...

Once we get this true concept of who we are in Jesus this part of Christianity becomes much easier, because we can truly relax in the Lord and just be obedient to His will. It takes all the pressure off of trying to strive. We can just rest in knowing He Got This.

Donette Glenn said...
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