Sunday, March 20, 2016

pride vs humility

Lewis tells us about pride today in A Year with C.S. Lewis. He says that most men do not claim to be guilty of this sin. And it's easy to think that we're not.

But if you look at the list of traits that humility causes us to have... you find yourself realizing that maybe you do have some pride to work on. Or maybe not? Maybe you look at that list and see that you've got it down. But not me. I definitely have alot to work on.

Curiosity? Are you curious about why she would say that? Well don't be!! Just kidding. I don't think she means that we should not be curious about the world around us. I think she is fine with scientists exploring the world and finding out things for the betterment of humanity. But I think she means (and I could be wrong) that we should curb our curiosity about other people. We should not give in to the bad habit of gossip and presumption regarding other people. In a simple phrase, we should mind our own business.

In any case, her list gives me much to consider today. Number 5 and number 14 are the ones that strike me as the ones I should work on the most. What about you?

God, thank You for teaching us about humility, and giving us such a great example as Mother Teresa. Please help us to learn to be humble.

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