Monday, March 21, 2016

carnival of sex

Lewis gives us quite a scandalous title today in A Year With C.S. Lewis.

He tells us one thing that is supported by scripture...that it is not good for man to be alone. That, in one sense, men and women are incomplete without one another. And in this there is truth.

There is also truth in what Paul said...that it's better not to marry, but to remain like him...focusing his life entirely on doing God's will without the distraction of wife and children. That it might be better to marry than to burn, but not by much (his tone implies).

How can both be true? Don't they contradict? Well they might, if there was only one man in this world. But God didn't give us a blanket command which all of us must follow. He doesn't even give EACH of us blanket commands, beyond the basics (the ten commandments, the golden rule). Instead, His calling, like His grace, is new every morning, crafted specifically for you. He calls YOU to be married, while He calls him to the priesthood, and He calls her to single life. And when He calls YOU to something, He gives you the desire to do it.

What are you called to do today?

Thank You, God, for Your precious calling, new every morning.