Friday, February 12, 2016

the Trinity and me

Lewis takes us deep in the reading for today. The selection today from A Year with C.S. Lewis brings us into the Trinity. The Trinity, as we've previously seen, is a mystery even without me. But once we introduce humans into this equation, it becomes downright baffling.

Lewis says that we shall be sons of God, and love the Father as He does and the Holy Spirit will rise in us. As we've seen in previous selections, the love between the Father and Son produce a third person, which we call the Holy Spirit. So when I get introduced to this relationship, it's mind boggling to try to understand how it all "works". In a sense, Lewis says, we share in the life of Christ, we become "little Christs", and so the love of God the Father for the Son in us produces the Holy Spirit in us. But the Holy Spirit exists for all eternity. So you see how it becomes confusing.

The great thing about all of this is we're not called to understand it. It's not a math equation we have to solve for X. It's a relationship. It's love. We're not called to figure it out, we're called to experience it. Just like little children who don't know how nutrition and digestion work, but they trust their parents when they say "eat this" and "don't eat that" and they grow strong and become who they're made to be, just by trusting and accepting the gifts that God gave us.

When we are still, and "know that He is God", we participate in this mystery of the Trinity. We share son-ship with Jesus, and the Father becomes Our Father who is in Heaven, and the Spirit of God fills us up and gives us His fruits - love, joy, peace, kindness, patience, goodness, faithfulness... all of the things that make us better people. Just by trusting and accepting the gifts that God gives us.

Thank You, God, for Your gifts, which come from Your incomprehensible Self.

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julie reedy said...

Our gifts come from above not from the store....