Friday, February 26, 2016

a house that crumbles

Lewis tells us about natural law today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He tells us that trying to function in our lives while operating under the wrong impression regarding the natural law is like trying to do math but getting your addition wrong.

The natural law is the fact that there is good and there is evil. There is right and wrong. Many people today pretend that good and evil don't exist. But when you try to live your life based on that presupposition, your life won't work right. It's like building a rocket to fly to the moon, but using math that adds 2+2 and gets 5. The rocket won't make it very far... and will probably explode.

Jesus talked about this pretty clearly when He told us about building our houses on sand or stone. No matter how well built a house may be, if it's built on sand, it will wash away when the storms come. We have to build our lives on truth for them to function correctly.

God gives us grace and forgiveness for our sins. But we have to realize at some point that continuing to follow a pattern of sin is just trying to live our lives based on bad math. You can't build on it. It will fall over time after time.

God, please help us build our lives on good math.

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julie reedy said...

So very true, only one answer.