Saturday, January 30, 2016

spirit = willing

Today we read the January 29th selection from A Year with C.S. Lewis.

Lewis today makes a somewhat uncomfortable point... and I resist it even as I identify with it. There really are two parts of us. The part that truly, genuinely wants to be closer to God and do His will. And the part that is tired and hungry and grouchy and selfish. I don't WANT it to be true that part of me wants to “pass by” the things of God in order to get to the “temporal things”. But as I'm lying here at midnight, I'm getting sleepy and I'm ready for this to be done so I can go to sleep.

The spirit is willing, but my flesh gets so tired sometimes.

So when we experience this, we ask for help. We seek His strength, which Lewis's selection also tells us is the only real strength there is. Thanks be to God, He strengthens us. Because otherwise we'd be in serious trouble.

Thank You, God, for putting up with our silly selfishness and giving us strength to do Your will.


Marcia Tapp said...

And thank you God for giving us much needed rest when we are worn out.

julie reedy said...