Monday, January 18, 2016

God's relationship to space and time

Today we read the January 17 excerpt from A Year with C.S. Lewis. You can purchase this book if you'd like to follow along from for $2.99 as an e-book.

Lewis today talks about God being outside of time. That makes sense, the way he points out His relationship to your life. However... when you think about His relationship to ALL of time, it gets interesting.

Lewis says that God can see you "yesterday" because He's there right now. He can see you tomorrow because He's there already. But carry that a step further.

That means that God can see the beginning of creation right now... in a sense, He is CREATING the world right now, in the eternal present in which He lives. And... He is all the way at the end of time already, seeing our eternal destination, knowing where we spend eternity and why. Pretty crazy to realize that, right?

But you know what that means, I think. It means we can trust Him. There are no surprises to God. He sees the whole of the story all at once, and knows how this thing ends. He is the ground of our being, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end... all right now in the eternal present. So we can trust Him with our past and not regret it. We can trust Him with our future and not worry about it.

We can put all of our hope and trust in Him, trust Him fiercely with all of our hearts... because He's got all of it in His hands, in His gaze, under His providence. We can trust Him to work everything for our good, because as far as He's concerned, He's already done so.

Thank You, God, for the mystery of Your relationship to time and space.


julie reedy said...

Excellent analogy, He is so very awesome, beyond my feeble mind to understand but oh how I love God.

Marcia Tapp said...

The space time continuum is a tricky business - as all good time travelers know.
It's so amazing that our God holds it all in the palm of His hand.

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