Monday, January 4, 2016

experiencing God

Today in A Year with C.S. Lewis, he talks about how it can be frustrating when we try to describe God, because we have to talk about Him in the negative. We have to take away the things that are human, in order to describe the divine.

This frustration comes from trying to describe something that the other person hasn't experienced. That's why, throughout the Bible, we find people saying things like "Taste and see that the LORD is good" or "Come and see" Jesus, who will allow people to experience goodness. In our humanness, we try to make things A or B, when God is both A and B, while being neither A nor B. He is so far above us that we can't describe Him correctly. The best thing we can do is invite people to come experience Him for themselves.

Here is where we are tempted to stop. But here is where we should by all means keep going. You see, we don't stop "experiencing God" when we find Him. That's only when we BEGIN to experience Him. Some people meet God and think that they're done. That now all they need to do is help other people meet Him. But He has so much more for us than that. It would be like moving into a mansion and living in the foyer. There is so much more to God for us to explore.

Let's seek out more of Him today. He's waiting for us to find Him, and experience the goodness and love that He created just for us, just for this day.

God, thank You for Your immensity, which we can explore forever and never find the end of.

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julie reedy said...

Every. Day can and should be a day of seeking what God has in store for us.