Friday, December 11, 2015


Today's readings: Amos 4:1-6:14, Revelation 2:18-3:6, Psalm 130:1-8, Proverbs 29:21-22

"He Himself will redeem Israel from her sins."

Ever worry that your sins have carried you too far? That you've gone past the point where He will forgive you? Well, the simple fact that you're WORRIED about that means that you're moving in the right direction. If you weren't, you wouldn't care.

God has been redeeming people from their sins since the very first humans walked on Earth. He has infinite patience with all of us. Just like we are patient with our children when they're learning to walk, and don't beat them down when they stumble and fall, so much more does God not beat us up over our sins, even though we struggle with them over and over.

He never tires of forgiving you. Never.

Just get back up, shake off the dust, and keep going. You're going the right way.

God, thank You for Your redemption, which we so desperately need.

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julie reedy said...

Just as my earthly father was forgiving to me in my childhood I tried to learn from him in raising our two sons. The last thing someone needs when they humble themselves to ask forgiveness is to be beat up with shame. Our Heavenly Father is just waiting for us to seek His forgiveness and He wraps His arms around us.