Monday, December 7, 2015

one thing you learn about God

Today's readings: Hosea 6:1-9:17, 3 John 1:1-15, Psalm 126:1-6, Proverbs 29:12-14

When you read through the OT, one thing becomes really clear. If you read story after story, you begin to realize that there is a constant in every story. People mess up, prophets tell them they're wrong, but when you see the response of God.... He is so kind.

This is pretty amazing when you think about the times when the OT was written. Pretty bloodthirsty times. And the prophets themselves often wanted to see that blood. Jonah actually got MAD at God because he told Ninevah they were going to be destroyed, but God in His kindness spared them.

God is SO patient and kind. He gives us so many chances to turn back to Him. He is slow in acting in judgment, because He wants to give us every opportunity to make things right. That's the kind of God He is.

So when we grow as Christians... we should be becoming more like Him. We should be slow to judge other people. We should be kind to them, even when they're in the middle of their sins. We should WANT them to return, and welcome them back with open arms when they do, even when (especially when) we know they're just going to do it again. And again. And again.

Because He does that for us.

Thank You, God, for Your forgiveness and mercy. And for Your amazing kindness.

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julie reedy said...

He has been so very kind and forgiving to me.