Saturday, November 7, 2015

what's coming

Today's readings: Ezekiel 16:42-17:24, Hebrews 8:1-13, Psalm 106:13-31, Proverbs 27:7-9

So while I was reading tonight's NT selection, I noticed that God had superceded the previous way of dealing with His children, and instituted a new covenant. At first, God cared about us so much that He led us "by the hand". But we were stupid and rebelled. So then, His new covenant puts His law and His presence in our hearts and minds directly, so that we would have no need to tell people about Him, because everyone would know Him already. That's awesome.

But then I thought... what if there is something even better coming? What if He's going to give us a "next gift" that is even better than what He's given us so far?

And I realized that He tells us that He IS going to do that very thing. He says "eye has not seen, nor ear has heard, what God is preparing for those who love Him."

Wow. We have something amazing to look forward to.

Keep walking that long, hard road my friends. Because there is something truly amazing ahead.

Thank You, God, for blowing our minds.

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julie reedy said...

Well, this was a tough reading for me.....I wasn't content with just this reading and I went outside this reading. (Jeff sighs and says oh no) the things that caught my attention was, His law and His presence is in our hearts and minds......that's everyone's hearts and minds.....which lead me on to the "great commission" spoken through the Christian world today.....which lead me to bear witness.....well this is where it got interesting, if the heart and mind of all humans has Gods law and Gods presence in them what does to bear witness truly mean. Pretty interesting I dove deeper into this it became very clear to me that this is a life changing event.....those spoken about in the bible 1st received the Holy Spirit and then they gave their life to help others repent, turn from their evil ways, and follow Jesus.....easy no as they were murdered.....martyrred and beheaded /crucified. Are you ready?