Saturday, August 1, 2015

the jerk is back :)

Today's readings: 2 Chron 32:1-33:13, Rom 15:23-16:9, Psalm 25:16-22, Prov 20:16-18

So Paul sounds pretty assuming in today's reading, doesn't he? He actually says he's going to come visit this group of people and then says they can pay for his trip while he's there. Very gracious of him! :)

But he does make mention of several people that he thanks personally and thereby places their names in our Bible for all of time... so you have to give him that bit of graciousness.

I'm glad that Paul is a jerk, though. Because sometimes I think we get the idea that we have to be perfect for God to use us. But look at that picture above... that's one of the places that Paul went and shared the good news that Jesus rose from the dead and will bring new life to anyone who believes in Him. God uses broken, silly, stupid little jerks like Paul and me to do amazing things.

Thanks, God.

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julie reedy said...

Yes he is but you are a day ahead on your readings. Those readings are for August 2, not August 1. Lol Paul is one of a kind and God used him in mighty ways!!!!!!!!