Thursday, August 27, 2015

taking care of the poor

Today's readings: Job 23:1-27:23, 2 Cor 1:12-2:11, Psalm 41:1-13, Prov 22:5-6

The Psalmist speaks to us today, and says how joyful it is to take care of the poor. Jesus said the poor we will always have with us, and made it very clear that it was our responsibility to take care of them.

And the picture above is one way we can do that. But there are other poor people in your life. Poverty can be found in every area... some people are poor in friends. That means they're lonely. They want to talk to you. And the most selfless, loving thing you can do is give them the gift of your time and listen to them, say kind things to them, and just be with them.

Some people are poor when it comes to patience. They are demanding and rude and mean. We can love them by being kind and gentle and patient with them, even though they might not even appreciate it. But you will be surprised how "a gentle answer turns away wrath" really is true! A simple kind word in the face of frustration or anger sometimes turns a person's whole day around. And then they're kind to the next person... and so forth. 

Some folks in your life are poor in self esteem. They think of themselves as stupid or clumsy or boring. They feel like everyone has to put up with them, and they try to stay out of everyone's way. These people also need love. They need our attention, and the gift we can give them is lifting them up and treating them with dignity, showing them the kind of attention that every child of God deserves. 

There are poverties all around us. Even in our own lives. But the funny thing is, when we reach out and fill the holes in other people's lives, we find our own holes being filled as well. 

Like the Psalmist says... OH the joy of taking care of those in need.

God, thanks for the privilege of being able to help Your children... and being helped in return.


julie reedy said...

It's so meaningful to help those in need. I start out wanting to help them but what always happens I am helped. If in no other way than doing for others helps my heart.

Laura Omelanczuk said...

So true. I think sometimes the poor are people in our own families.

Jeff Reedy said...