Tuesday, August 4, 2015

every gift you need

Today's readings: 2 Chron 35:1-36:23, 1 Cor 1:1-17, Psalm 27:1-6, Prov 20:20-21

Paul tells the Corinthians today that they have every gift they need. And so do we. He has not been stingy in giving us gifts - He has given us everything we need.

And one thing He gives us is our conscience. He doesn't give all of us the same gifts, and He doesn't give all of us the same conscience. That's why it's important that we obey our conscience... because that's one of the ways that God speaks to us, and one way that He utilizes our gifts.

God, thank you for your gifts and for our conscience, which helps us use them.


julie reedy said...

Yes we do, and like a unexpected gift from a friend, God is always surprising me with gifts. Pink clouds, butterflies, flowers, a call from a friend, or a new hatching of baby ducklings. My last group is about to fly next week, but what happened Sunday was such a gift from God. I was done putting the feed out for the few remaining in the pond when I looked up and there were flocks of ducks flying in. I think they were all of the ducks that have been raised in the pond. I was able to count well over 100 but they wouldn't stay still so I could count them. Over the last year I have had some health issues but God has brought me such joy in watching his creation. And it all started with a hen building her nest in our ice plant. No matter how sorry I feel for myself.....my twice a day trips to feed the ducks brings me laughter, peace and a knowing of Gods love for His creation......including me.

Laurie said...

I totally understand, Julie Reedy! I'm overweight and struggle to work out. Worked out hard all summer and haven't lost any weight, BUT....I've come to love my alone time, when I see the pink and purple clouds in the mornings. I jog through our small town and no one's rushing about. I finally had to admit I wasn't getting the results I wanted, but I'm getting the results God wants me to get. Almost every morning I realize that God must see something in this world, that He likes because he wakes the world up every day.

jefe said...

good thoughts. thank you both for sharing