Friday, July 31, 2015

Windows 10 Review

Hey guys. I got the Windows 10 update and it's pretty cool.

Here is a walkthrough that shows off some of the features. (I apologize for the guy narrating. He's really annoying. Chowabunga?)

I had to go to this site to download the update and then force my Lenovo Yoga laptop to update, since I got tired of waiting.

I really like the new Start menu. It's very intuitive and customizable. Very useful.

I like the look of the windows layout. It's very clean and sharp looking.

My fav part of the update is the Edge browser. I really like how I can write on web pages, highlight, make notes, etc... and then share that page with my markups with my friends or on fb. Very cool.

The biggest disappointment is Cortana. It seems like a great idea, but I tried several times to do simple things like tell me the weather, tell me a joke (which the examples say it will do when you set it up), and tell me the height of the Eiffel Tower (all of which Siri and Google Now do effortlessly), and it gave me error messages "Try again later" every time. Boo.

But besides the Cortana failure, Windows 10 is the bomb. I love it. Very useful, user friendly. It really does combine the best of Windows 7 and 8 with the best of Windows Vista.

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