Saturday, July 11, 2015

we'll see

today's readings: 1 Chron 11:1-12:18, Acts 28:1-31, Prov 19:1-3

lots of interesting stuff in today's reading. the one that REALLY jumped out at me was the final proverb. how many people do you know that mess up their own lives and then blame God? i know several myself, and it always makes me sad. because you can't really tell them "hey, man. you screwed this up. it's YOUR fault, not His." but you know it is, and everyone knows it is, even the person who is mad at God.

another big thing from the reading is Paul telling the Jews in Rome that many, many Jewish people have hardened their hearts and won't listen to the amazing good news that is right in their midst. when we read these words, we think "how foolish those Romans were! how could they not listen?" 

but go on facebook any day of the week, and you find ... well, pretty much EVERYONE not listening to the good news in their lives. there are some here or there that are listening. every once in awhile you run across someone who really is thinking about what is being said, and taking it to heart, and learning from other people. but most people are stuck in whatever country/religion/culture they were born in, and won't budge an inch to change their minds, even if they hear the best news they've ever heard.

let's try not to be like that? let's be like the Gentiles, who did listen to the good news, and followed Jesus. what is He saying to you today?

and finally, the people on the island where Paul gets bit by a snake reminds me of this story

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julie reedy said...

It is so easy for us to judge the Jewish people of Paul's time......and today we have the Bible to tell us all about our Lord Jesus Christ and yet we being human make the same stupid decisions we read of during the life and times of Christ and after the resurrection. How different are we? It is a daily hour by hour, minute by minute choice just like it was throughout history of humans. Lord help me to focus my thoughts and actions on You each and everyday, every minute of my life. "And I will follow You all the days of my life."