Monday, July 27, 2015

balance is important

Today's readings: 2 Chron 19:1-20:37, Rom 10:14-11:12, Psalm 21:1-13, Prov 20:4-6

So balance is important in all parts of life. It's especially important when you're reading books, and especially the Bible. There are parts of the Bible that say one thing, and if you read just that one part and build your thinking on just that one part, you're going to be unbalanced. But if you read the WHOLE Bible, and see the parts that balance the first, you get the whole picture. And it's true with other books, too. The more widely read you are, the more balanced your world view will be.

So today when Paul says "How can they believe unless they hear? And how can they hear unless they're told?" and so forth... many people say "There's no way that people can be saved unless Christians go tell them about the Gospel". But... have we forgotten what Paul said in this same book toward the beginning? He said that everyone is without excuse because creation itself tells us that God is there. So, it's important to share the goodness that God has put in our lives. But that's not to say that God can't save whomever He wants. Of course He can.

God, help me to find balance in my life, and in my reading of books that bring wisdom into my life.

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julie reedy said...

One of my favorite thought is Paul saying, Everyone is without excuse because creation itself tells us that God is there. My truly happy balanced times in my life are reading books and spending time with his creation. Currently my creation time is when a duck hen built her nest in my ice plant out front last year. Why you might ask. This past eight months I have been dealing with a pretty serious health issue and because of this little duck I have seen such beauty, awe and tragedy. I ve seen the creation in a personal way that I would not have experienced had the duck laid her eggs somewhere else. Only God can and did create this.i have very funny laugh out loud stories from these creatures of God, and tragic when a predator is involved. Even if the predator is a duck. People can and will let you down but spending time with God's creation is a peace and understanding thus leading us to balance.