Sunday, June 7, 2015

two examples

today's readings: 1 Kings 1:1-53, Acts 4:1-37, Psalm 124:1-8, Proverbs 16:24

two things struck me from today's readings (besides Abishag's name, which made me giggle with puerile amusement). one was when David saw that Solomon was on the throne, and he worshiped God. he was profoundly grateful for the fact that he saw his beloved son sitting on the throne during David's lifetime. David, despite (or maybe BECAUSE OF) his sins and shortcomings, is truly a great example for us of how to live our lives in gratitude and repentance.

the other thing was Solomon's first decision as king. he shows his wisdom from the very first choice he makes... his brother has gone to the temple and is holding on to the horns of the altar, to keep from being killed. it was like claiming "sanctuary" from Victor Hugo's time. anyway, he tells his men to ask Solomon if he is going to have him killed. Solomon doesn't say yes or no, as many of us would. he basically says "if you behave, you'll be fine. if you try anything stupid, you'll die." wise decision!

God, please help me to follow the examples of these two men who, even through their weakness and sins, followed you.


julie reedy said...

It worries me to no end how far away from these examples our world has wandered. There is no right and wrong in our society any more. Consequences are considered unnecessary, but all throughout the OT and the NT these are the stories we hear and read. One can and is forgiven with repentance but that doesn't take away the consequences of. Our actions. Bring us back to Your ways and create in me a new heart.

Bob Reedy said...

Once again a great example of why we will all need Christ. He is the only one worthy to open the book of life. Lord have mercy.