Wednesday, June 24, 2015

the happy lepers

today's readings: 2 Kings 6:1-7:20, Acts 15:36-16:15, Psalm 142:1-7, Proverbs 17:24-25

the best part of today's reading, i thought, was the ten lepers. they go out to see if life among their enemies is any less horrible than life at home... and they find empty tents! they find riches and food and drink. at first, they plunder the tents and take gold home, eating and drinking and having fun. but then, like the prodigal son, they come to their senses. they realize that they've been given a gift... and that they should share it. so they go back home and tell their countrymen what they found.

aren't we like that? God has blessed us with good things. and at first, our natural inclination is to simply enjoy what He has given us. but when we come to our sense, let's share what He has given us, since it all ultimately comes from Him.

thank You, God, for Your gifts... please help me learn to share.

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julie reedy said...

There's no place like home......there's no place like meaning to the saying. As we search the world over finding the perceived riches we find our hearts drawing us back to creation or better yet the Creator. His plan was to create a world for us so as we would see His love for the creation.....we are the ones who drift away.....headed to Oz.......but in the end of the travels and adventures........there's no place like home with God......