Monday, May 25, 2015

homeless Jesus

today's readings: 2 Sam 7:1-8:18, John 14:15-31, Psalm 119:33-48, Proverbs 15:33

Jesus talks today about sending the Holy Spirit to His disciples... and tells them that He will be in them, in the form of the Holy Spirit... so He never left them at all. He says that only those who believe in Him can really see who He is.

and that made me wonder... when He came back to life after He was crucified, could people who didn't believe in Him see Him? well, the answer actually did come to me. even some men who DID believe in Him didn't recognize Him... on the road to Damascus.

but the more poignant lesson came shortly after... and came home. not only do those who don't believe in Him not recognize Him... not only did those disciples not recognize Him... but we fail to recognize Him today, even those of us who love Him.

the picture above is a sculpture of "Homeless Jesus". God speaks to us in many ways.... through the Bible, through the church, through the wisdom of our brothers and sisters, through our conscience... and through the poor. the face of the poor is the face of Jesus, looking to us for our help, but also imparting to us His wisdom. what we do for the least of these, we do to Him. but the wisdom of suffering is something that can teach even the wisest something that can't be found in books.

God, please open my eyes to your presence in my life... in all of its forms.

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julie reedy said...

nicely said Jeff. I have a little way of knowing when He is speaking to me, ( okay let her think what she wants) sometimes when I am the most busy and doing what I need to get done I don't always see those around me. BUT, there has been many times in my life ( since I'm getting old) that I have been just as busy and yet I notice someone in need and that is Christ in me and I react to what I'm being told to do. He has a way of getting our attention if we are prayed up and open to His calling or His awareness of those that need help. If you feel this don't ignor it......He doesn't ignor us.