Wednesday, May 6, 2015

healing from a distance

today's readings: Ruth 2:1-4:22, John 4:43-54, Psalm 105:16-36, Proverbs 14:26-27

today we have two great readings. the story of Ruth is so heartwarming and beautiful. i can feel her excitement as she goes back to tell Naomi what Boaz told her in his fields, even reading it thousands of years later.

but the story from the NT still outshines. and it surprised me. i remember the story where Jesus says that a prophet is not honored in His hometown... but in today's readings, He is!

and as you can see above, He is called upon to heal Ernest Borgnine's son. So Jesus had to heal not just from a physical distance, but someone in the future as well! (i kid, i kid...)

but the Roman comes and asks Jesus to heal his son. and Jesus says "how many miracles do you have to see before you'll believe in me?" and the Roman says, "Yeah, I know right? But while we're talking about that... do you think you could heal my son?"

and Jesus just says the word, and he's healed that moment.

Jesus looks at us and asks the same thing. how many miracles do we have to see before we trust Him?

God, please help me trust you and be one of those who are blessed because I believe without having to see for myself.

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julie reedy said...

The part of the NT story that jumped out at me was.....the Roman rushed home and his son is healed. But he takes it a step thru ( oh ye of little faith) or is the explaination there for us. The Roman asks at what time did the fever disappear, now can we believe in Him that not only healed from a distance but at the same time it is spoken? Do we like the Roman have to prove to ourselves it was Him or can we just trust and obey? Give me the faith and trust in you Lord Jesus Christ to ask and trust.