Friday, May 29, 2015

fits like a lego brick

today's readings: 2 Sam 14:1-15:22, John 18:1-24, Psalm 119:97-112, Proverbs 16:8-9

it's nice when the readings all fit together. and today, they fit like lego pieces.

the very last verse we read today ties it all together: man makes plans in his heart, but God determines his steps.

we see this in the OT reading... David brings Absalom back to Jerusalem, despite the fact that he knows there's danger there. Absalom usurps his power, making plans to be king... but that tree branch is waiting for him.

in the NT reading, the villagers come for Jesus with their pitchforks and torches, and one might think that their plans (which they made in their hearts) are what run the show here. but Jesus changes all of that by simply speaking. "who are you looking for?" "Jesus of Nazareth" when Jesus speaks and says "I AM", this is God speaking... the same God that made the Heavens and the Earth... by speaking. they've caught a tiger by the tail, and they all fall to the ground, stunned at what has happened.

but God's plan was that Jesus be crucified, for me and you. so He DID go with them, and they beat Him. we'll get to the rest in tomorrow's reading.

but it all ties together. we make plans. God determines our steps. it's easy to see these things as being opposed to one another. to read it as "we make plans BUT God determines our steps." but... can't it also read "we make plans AND God determines our steps"?

what if we learn to make our plans in accordance with His will? what if we aligned our desires with His? then we make our plans, and God orders our steps toward those plans. pretty cool, eh? when we pray "your will be done on earth (in my life) as it is in Heaven", we're praying exactly that.

God, please make my plans agree with Your direction of my steps.

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julie reedy said...

God let my will become Your will in my life more and more each and every day.