Thursday, March 19, 2015

keep it simple (stupid?)

today's readings: Numbers 28:16-29:40, Luke 3:23-38, Psalm 62:1-12, Proverbs 11:18-19

today the best part of our readings was found in the Psalms and Proverbs. while i love a good genealogy as much as the next guy, there usually isn't a great deal of inspiration in them.

fortunately, both the Psalm and Proverb speak to us today. i love the first line of the Psalm... "I wait quietly before God". would that we would learn to do that. even when we're sitting still (which isn't often) our minds usually aren't. if our bodies aren't running from one thing to the next, our brains are. i can't speak for everyone (though it seems i just was) but for me, i have to MAKE myself stop. from the moment i wake up until the moment i go to sleep, my brain and body are rushing through the day 100mph. i do enjoy "clicking on all cylinders" and going from one efficient project to the next.... but there is a time for that. there is also a very needed time to simply "wait quietly for God."

"Let all that I am wait quietly for God" says vs 5. Slow down, body. Keep quiet, mind. Rest, emotions. Just be... and know that He is God.

when they asked St Therese of Liseiux what in the world she would pray about when she woke up at all hours of the night, she said simple "I don't pray anything. I just love Him!" how beautiful that is.

Proverbs reminds us (is this straight enough to the point?) "Godly people find life; Evil people find death." this has ultimate truth, but it also has truth in the here and now... in this moment. if i'm seeking Him... waiting quietly for Him in this very moment... I'm finding life. if i'm rushing from one thing to the next, lost in the mix of pressing needs... i'm finding my death a great deal sooner.

God... please help me still my mind and body and wait for You... knowing that You are life.

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julie reedy said...

Awesome post Jeff, in today's world with instant this and instant that is the quiet times we must seek to hear what God has to say. That is my time twice a day feeding the ducks at the pond.