Sunday, March 15, 2015

even before

today''s readings: Numbers 22:21-23:30, Luke 1:57-80, Psalm 58:1-11, Proverbs 11:12-13

so today we see the fun part of Balaam's story. the donkey gets tired of Balaam beating on him, and God opens his mouth. he says "Shrek! It's me, donkey!" no, not really. he says "have I ever done this before??" and Balaam looks like an idiot (in front of his donkey, no less) when he says "No..."

then we come to the NT, and you see an unfortunate example of sexism in the culture of the time. Elizabeth clearly says that the baby should be named John, but her relatives blow her off and ask Zechariah (who can't even speak) what the baby should REALLY be named.

then we hear the song of Zechariah. a beautiful and moving passage in which God's great gifts, mercy, and love are made evident. He is giving the world an enormous gift in the person of Jesus Christ, and the herald that comes to get people ready for Him is a very blessed person, John the Baptist. it is moving to realize that His cousin is the one who prepares the way for Him. while a prophet finds little honor in his home town, at least he does see some honor in His family here.

God, thank you for overcoming my shortcomings, like Balaam's, and blessing me with gifts I don't deserve.

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julie reedy said...

Great readings today. A talking donkey, repeated beatings of the donkey by Balaam, craziness, but all for a Godly purpose. Then a mute soon to be father due to disbelief. Talking donkey and mute human....crazy. Then the story of. Jesus foretold by the mute father once he could speak and the fore runner to Jesus, wild time I say. So much evidence in the scriptures to lead us to Christ. Help us all as humans believe and come to Christ.