Friday, February 13, 2015

Jesus happens

today's readings: Exodus 35:10-36:38, Matt 27:32-66, Psalm 34:1-10, Prov 9:7-8

in today's reading, Jesus happens to death.

if you think about Jesus's life, nothing ever happens TO Jesus. Jesus happens to everything else. Jesus is born - and birth is forever changed, our first and only virgin birth happens. Jesus is baptized... and baptism is now a Christian institution. Jesus gives Himself up to be beaten and tortured... and now those things are transformed into sanctification for our sins. Jesus dies... but if you look at even the moment of His death, He didn't succumb to death. He "commended His spirit" to God. and then He transformed death into the door to everlasting life.

Jesus, please happen to me today.


julie reedy said...

Well spoken and right on target

Bob Reedy said...

and He said, "It is finished"

jefe said...