Sunday, January 18, 2015

look behind the insult

today's reading: Genesis 37:1 - 38:30, Matthew 12:22-45, Psalm 16:1-11, and Proverbs 3:27-32

we come to one of my fav stories in the Bible. I always enjoy reading about Joseph. it's such an interesting story. we start off with him being hated by his brothers because he was being a tattle tale. and then the dreams didn't help, either. but notice the wisdom of Jacob... when Joseph told his dreams to his brothers, they were jealous and hated him for them. but when he told Jacob, even though he scolded him for saying that he and his wife were going to bow down to Joseph, he wondered what the dreams meant. may we have the same wisdom, and look for the meaning behind the things that at first appear insulting.

and don't let the cautionary tale of 38:7 pass you by! Er (unfortunate name) was wicked in God's sight, so God took his life!  wow.

Jesus has some strong words to say in the NT about people who speak against the Holy Spirit. it's never clear what "blasphemy against the Holy Spirit" means, but it must have something to do with what the Pharisees were saying about Him and His healing. may God protect us from ever blaspheming the Holy Spirit, since there is no forgiveness for this sin.

as I was prayer walking today, I found myself being exuberantly happy, and for no apparent reason. just happy with life in general, and with my walk with God. so Psalm 16:9 really spoke what my heart was feeling today.

I pray that it speaks what you're feeling, too.

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julie reedy said...

Joseph is one of my favorite characters. His innocence in sharing his dreams and the reaction of his brothers, and the planning to get rid of him, my word. God is amazing in keeping Joseph safe and Joseph following Him. NT something to strive to keep our self free from, the Holy Spirit is to be respected and closeness and acceptance into our heart.