Wednesday, January 14, 2015

kind and generous

today's readings are Genesis 30:1 - 31:16, Matthew 10:1-23, Psalm 12:1-8, and Proverbs 3:13-15

interesting stories from the OT today. Jacob pulls his trick with the sheep and goats... and has children with Leah, Rachel, and their servants. he was quite a character. you're never sure, while reading about Jacob, whether he's a hero or a cautionary tale. I guess he's a little of both, as all of our lives are. he's real.

the selection from our reading that jumped out at me though was from Jesus's teachings of His disciples. it struck me as interesting that He told them to bless the house where they were staying. as long as it "turns out to be a worthy home", they "let the blessing stand". but if it wasn't worthy, they "took back the blessing". I didn't know you could take back a blessing! but apparently you can.

I like how they were instructed to go ahead and bless the house initially. give the people the benefit of the doubt, and start off with a blessing. that's good advice for us, too. err on the side of blessing people. be kind to people, and don't let jerks and nasty people diminish who you are. keep giving, even though some people take advantage. keep loving, even though some will sneer at you. keep being kind, even though some people will mistake your kindness for weakness.

let's be bigger than their ridicule. :)


julie reedy said...

It amazes me as I read thru the beginning again, I even read ahead because I was so disappointed in our behavior. I have always considered the twelves tribes as the pillar of our ancestors, I guess I put aside the fact that they were from four different mothers.
The NT reading was eye opening also, we have a tendency to be reserved when we meet someone at first, God instructed the disciples to bless them upon entering their home. Wow, if we as Christians took this approach with the world, we would be seen as different," not of this world", wouldn't that be what God would like to see in us?

jefe said...