Saturday, August 2, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is fantastic!  It's THE feel good movie of the summer... You'll walk out singing (dancing?) to old 70's songs you may not even know...

For those of you with kids, I would exercise caution.  There are some adult themes... Some extreme (though off screen) violence, and some mild language.  No sex or nudity.

The characters are what make this movie so awesome.  All of the good guys are awesome.  So funny, quirky, scrapping... You have to love them.

The bad guys are my only complaint.  They're boring, whiny, fit throwing strawmen... They're basically Saturday morning cartoon bad guys.  Laaaaame...

But man!  I laughed harder at Rocket ( the raccoon) than I have in a long time!

If you're an adult, go see this movie!  If you've got kids, only take them if you'd take them to see Indiana Jones... It's about that level of adult.

And get hooked on a feeelinggggg!

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