Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Martian is hard to put down

my coworkers at my store were all talking about how great this book was.  so i picked it up... and i couldn't put it down.  it's really well done.

right from the start let me warn you - the author really likes the f word.  it's right there in the first sentence of the book.  but he uses it humorously, and he doesn't use a ton of profanity.  it's just that one word used about once per chapter.

but this book is really funny.  laugh out loud funny.  wanting to see what's gonna happen next funny.  it's really entertaining.

the story is about a team that travels, in the near future, to mars.  a freak sandstorm blows one member away from the party, and they think he's dead (so does he, at first).  so they get back on the ship and take off for earth.  he's stranded on mars.  and he has to survive.  good premise.  great execution!

i was truly wondering until the very last chapter how things were going to turn out for our hero.  i won't spoil it for you, but i will say i liked what the author did.

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