Tuesday, February 28, 2012

what to do... what to do...

so i got off work unexpectedly early today. which was nice. instead of going to lunch, i went home. we're trying to save some payroll at work right now, and i had some PTO i could use... so i said hey, i'll call it a day.

came home. took dog for long walk. went to the bank. paid some bills. and now. i'm officially. bored.

what to do when you're bored. i have hundreds of books. i could read one of them. i need to write some today. (i mean i'm writing now, but i need to write a little on my book. i'm trying to get into the habit of writing on it every day).

right now, as i'm typing, i'm pushing the letter "e" across the page. see, i changed my font to arial (which i find easier on the eyes than the default font on here) but every time i got past where i'd already written, it kept switching back. so, mostly out of laziness, i just moved my cursor back before the last letter i'd written (an "e" in this case) and started typing. so now my font stays arial, but i'm pushing the letter "e" all over the page. it probably feels like it's getting the bum's rush.

that's how bored i am. i just wrote an entire paragraph about pushing e.

i could watch a movie. i was gonna do that earlier. hmmm... it's kinda nice just sitting here, though. yesterday was a long day. i got up at 6am for our 7am manager meeting. then came home and tried to take a nap, but i couldn't sleep and i thought up some interesting book ideas... so i came here and typed them. but then i went back to work and closed, then stayed up reading "hunger games" till almost 1am. then had to be back at work at 9am this morning. so i'm a little tired.

still pushing e.

makes me sound like an ecstasy dealer :)

alright, well i guess i've rambled enough. here's the e: e

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Moni :) said...

Love this post!!haha I had a similar experience with the letter "g" the other day.